Today we ran …

16 Aug

It’s McFatty Monday again and I’m down 4lbs! Things that helped keep me focused and motivated: my brothers future wedding – I can’t stand being fat in wedding pics since they are forever! Also, after cleaning out my closet I would actually like to wear some of my old 3-4 sizes too small clothes. =)

Today I attempted running with the Bob, McKenna had fun and while it was warm out … it felt good! The hills in our neighborhood provide a good little workout and while McKenna swings at the park for a break, I did squats. I almost met my workout goal for the week but fell short by a day. This week I will.


Welcome to McFatty Monday!

9 Aug

Blair, over at the Heir to Blair has been doing McFatty Monday for quite awhile and I always read the posts but never join in. Today I am.

After our wonderful vacation and eating crap, I walked downstairs and told Eric it was time to do the South Beach again. And we weren’t stopping until I lost the baby weight. He said ok, so we immediately started tossing everything in the fridge away.

The reason for South Beach? It works for me, if I STICK TO IT. My major downfall is sugar and phase 1 cuts it out of our diets, cold turkey along with the BAD carbs. Phase 2 lets you reintroduce the good carbs into your diet, which is essential. It is pretty easy: fill up on veggies and lean protein, eventually add some good carbs and healthy fruits, and stay away from high glycemic foods.

This weekend I whipped up our favorite South Beach Diet breakfast of an egg casserole type thing to last a few days in the fridge. It’s delish and fills you up. I found this awesome website that had even more ways to make it. I started looking for healthy recipies, washed and cut up vegetables, and prepared myself for a long journey.

Goal #1 is to lose 14 lbs by McKenna’s Birthday … can you believe she’s almost 1?!?

Goal #2 is 10 more lbs.

Goal #3 is the final 16 lbs of baby weight.

Yep that totals 40lbs!

Also, what diet is complete without exercise? NONE of them! The goal is 3 times per week for 45 minutes consistently. I’ll up it to 5 after getting our routine down so I don’t burn out. =)

Happy 10 months McKenna!

26 Jul

10 months … that’s double digits ya’ll! I can’t wrap my head around the fact that my little tiny baby is almost 1 year old.

McKenna has decided baby food puree’s are not her thing (other than peas) and prefers all finger foots. Cubes of squash, pears, shredded bbq chicken and graham crackers are her fav’s! Real crawling has replaced the army crawl but McKenna loves to stand and is cruising a bit. She can even stand on her own without holding onto anything for about 30 seconds! It gets longer every day. Her personality is coming out more and more each day. I adore hearing her laugh … and it happens a lot more as she is getting older. A favorite game, McKenna loves throwing things especially balls that she can crawl after. She throws it, crawls after it, throws it again, crawls after it, and can entertain herself for quite awhile with this! There are so many big changes that I have a hard time remembering them all. The biggest thing that suddenly hit me was when I looked at her and realized she looks much more like a toddler than a baby now. I miss the sweet baby that wanted to be held 24/7 since now cuddles are few and far between. If she could talk, she would be saying, “places to go Mom.” Everyday with her is exciting and full of new things.

Wordless Wednesday

21 Jul

The Lava Butte in Bend, Oregon … so lucky to live in such a beautiful place!


19 Jul

I’m slow at updating lately because Eric’s been on vacation for the last 2 weeks and we’ve been running around doing everything possible! His 12 year old nephew visited for a week, somewhere in there our friends and their 8 year old daughter visited, and then his sister and Dad came over as well. We did a lot of swimming, hiked at Benham Falls, went to the Lava Cast Forrest, the Lava Butte, and went to South Twin Lake for a day of fishing, swimming, and chasing McKenna around. We ended vacation by having a garage sale which did even better than the one we had earlier this summer! I also got to sleep in an extra 2 hours for the last day of vacation … finally! I didn’t get to sew for an entire week at least, and couldn’t wait to sit at the sewing machine again! I just finished a rag quilt, which turned out pretty much perfect! I’m so excited to start on one for McKenna now!

Tomorrow Eric goes back to work, life resumes as normal, and I will upload pictures then! This week I’m hosting a playdate, my Mom will be visiting, and I am taking McKenna to Juniper Swim and Fitness to test out the gym while she plays in the childcare area. Cross your fingers it goes well because I seriously have 40 lbs to lose. It’s huge and daunting, and will not happen without exercise!

McKenna is being the funniest ever and really growing. We get big smiles and laughs for the most random things. She thinks that Daddy tapping his ring on the counter is just hilarious. Yesterday morning I woke up to find the cord for her noisemaker in her crib wrapped all over. Opps! She pushed down her bumper, grabbed the cord plug in and pulled it into her crib. Needless to say, the crib is now a good foot away from the wall. She is also testing her boundaries by constantly going to the cable outlet in the wall. I say “no” and move her somewhere else. This will repeat a few times, with her looking behind at me as she hurries over to it again. It is so hard not to laugh!

McKenna’s favorite toy

4 Jul


is a box. She loves to pull up on it, walk around it, bang on it and laugh at the people on it. She also thinks she can climb up onto it, thankfully she hasn’t quite figured out how to yet.

Birthday Weekend!

28 Jun

McKenna and Me on my 31st Birthday!

McKenna playing in her pool in the front yard. All of our neighbors seem to hang out in their front yards with the kids because the sun is better … so we joined!

BIG FUN! McKenna and Grandma (my Mom) learning to walk.

This weekend my Mom came to visit for my Birthday and of course to see McKenna. We had fun watching the USA Cycling Nationals, going to Saturday Market and shopping downtown, watching McKenna suddenly learn to walk (while holding onto things) and just hanging out. McKenna went swimming and decided she likes being on her tummy and tasting the water, very fun times for her. The neighborhood had a garage sale so we joined in and made a surprising amount of $$ considering it was so last minute. Poor Eric is sunburned but I think he really liked sitting outside in the sun relaxing all day! For my Birthday we went to dinner at the Bend Brewing Company … such good food and beer! I think it hit the spot for Gregg after his Mt. Bike race this morning which he came in 4th … very cool! Such a busy weekend, we had fun and had perfect 80 degree weather!

Tomorrow is our 2nd wedding anniversar! I’m looking forward to relaxing and spending the day with Eric and McKenna. Hope everyone had a great weekend too, what did you all do?