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Wait … today is Monday already?

14 Sep

McFatty Monday, I’ve missed a couple of you but don’t think you weren’t on my mind! This week I’m now down 8 lbs so slowly getting there.  Now as much fun as you are McFatty Monday, there is something MUCH more important to blog about.

McKenna is walking. On her own. A LOT. Oh and today, well today she was sitting in the middle of the room, put one knee under her then the other, then a foot on the floor and stood up. WITHOUT holding or touching anything. Can you tell it amazed me? =)

She’ll be 1 in only 12 days and I am just amazed by how fast it all went, how much she’s grown and learned. She’s ahead of many milestones, right on target for others and I’m constantly having to look up what she might be doing next.

So many cute video’s to come. Tonight after walking and wearing herself out she grabbed Eric’s wallet and pulled everything out. Then she said something to each piece of paper and threw it, grabbed it again, threw it, until she had moved every card and reciept about 10 times. At least she didn’t eat any of them. 😉


Today we ran …

16 Aug

It’s McFatty Monday again and I’m down 4lbs! Things that helped keep me focused and motivated: my brothers future wedding – I can’t stand being fat in wedding pics since they are forever! Also, after cleaning out my closet I would actually like to wear some of my old 3-4 sizes too small clothes. =)

Today I attempted running with the Bob, McKenna had fun and while it was warm out … it felt good! The hills in our neighborhood provide a good little workout and while McKenna swings at the park for a break, I did squats. I almost met my workout goal for the week but fell short by a day. This week I will.