Happy 11 months McKenna!

27 Aug

Yesterday McKenna turned 11 months old! One more month and my baby will be a toddler! Yikes.

McKenna is saying: mama, dada, that, baby, buuu for book, baa – while pointing to bottle, and tries to say “light” while looking up at lights. I am thinking she also says “i like” but it comes out ” i iike.”

 The girl has words and she loves to hear herself talk, babble, scream, sing, etc. When she sees a dog she says “woof woof” and barks, it’s adorable and I would love to get it on video.

We’re getting lot’s of hugs with sweet “awww’s” when she wants to be cuddly which isn’t often! There are things to do, places to go. She can climb 4 stairs all by herself ( with me right behind so she doesn’t go back down) and stands on her own pretty solid. We’re working on walking, she is great while holding onto things or with her push toys, but hesitant to try it by herself. The most we’ve had on her own is a step between the ottoman and couch.

So many big things, she is keeping me on my toes as always. I love it and cherish these days I have with her.

Taking a month-day picture is close to impossible since McKenna is always on the go. Here are a few funny out-takes from my time chasing her around. I really hope the photographer we hired is better than I am at getting a pose! 🙂


After dumping out her toy basket 2x, I think she was over it.


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