19 Jul

I’m slow at updating lately because Eric’s been on vacation for the last 2 weeks and we’ve been running around doing everything possible! His 12 year old nephew visited for a week, somewhere in there our friends and their 8 year old daughter visited, and then his sister and Dad came over as well. We did a lot of swimming, hiked at Benham Falls, went to the Lava Cast Forrest, the Lava Butte, and went to South Twin Lake for a day of fishing, swimming, and chasing McKenna around. We ended vacation by having a garage sale which did even better than the one we had earlier this summer! I also got to sleep in an extra 2 hours for the last day of vacation … finally! I didn’t get to sew for an entire week at least, and couldn’t wait to sit at the sewing machine again! I just finished a rag quilt, which turned out pretty much perfect! I’m so excited to start on one for McKenna now!

Tomorrow Eric goes back to work, life resumes as normal, and I will upload pictures then! This week I’m hosting a playdate, my Mom will be visiting, and I am taking McKenna to Juniper Swim and Fitness to test out the gym while she plays in the childcare area. Cross your fingers it goes well because I seriously have 40 lbs to lose. It’s huge and daunting, and will not happen without exercise!

McKenna is being the funniest ever and really growing. We get big smiles and laughs for the most random things. She thinks that Daddy tapping his ring on the counter is just hilarious. Yesterday morning I woke up to find the cord for her noisemaker in her crib wrapped all over. Opps! She pushed down her bumper, grabbed the cord plug in and pulled it into her crib. Needless to say, the crib is now a good foot away from the wall. She is also testing her boundaries by constantly going to the cable outlet in the wall. I say “no” and move her somewhere else. This will repeat a few times, with her looking behind at me as she hurries over to it again. It is so hard not to laugh!


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