Birthday Weekend!

28 Jun

McKenna and Me on my 31st Birthday!

McKenna playing in her pool in the front yard. All of our neighbors seem to hang out in their front yards with the kids because the sun is better … so we joined!

BIG FUN! McKenna and Grandma (my Mom) learning to walk.

This weekend my Mom came to visit for my Birthday and of course to see McKenna. We had fun watching the USA Cycling Nationals, going to Saturday Market and shopping downtown, watching McKenna suddenly learn to walk (while holding onto things) and just hanging out. McKenna went swimming and decided she likes being on her tummy and tasting the water, very fun times for her. The neighborhood had a garage sale so we joined in and made a surprising amount of $$ considering it was so last minute. Poor Eric is sunburned but I think he really liked sitting outside in the sun relaxing all day! For my Birthday we went to dinner at the Bend Brewing Company … such good food and beer! I think it hit the spot for Gregg after his Mt. Bike race this morning which he came in 4th … very cool! Such a busy weekend, we had fun and had perfect 80 degree weather!

Tomorrow is our 2nd wedding anniversar! I’m looking forward to relaxing and spending the day with Eric and McKenna. Hope everyone had a great weekend too, what did you all do?


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