Happy 9 months McKenna!

25 Jun

Baby girl is 9 months old today! It goes too fast, it really does. We’ve had so much happening lately it’s hard to remember it all.

Over the last couple of weeks we’ve slowly transitioned McKenna from her Alimentum formula to regular Enfamil formula. She’s doing great, and I’m so excited to have her drink her first full bottle of normal formula without any issues!

McKenna is pulling up, on EVERYTHING and having so much fun with it. Her crib is now dropped to the lowest level after finding her yesterday standing in her crib yanking the monitor’s cord that was on the wall. With pulling up comes a lot more mobility and curiosity! McKenna loves the sliding back door and looking outside … and loves being outside! She walks while holding my hands, but is way too shaky to stand on her own yet. Ohh and her personality! She is doing so much better with other people and loves smiling and waving.

Some current loves:

Playing this little piggy with her toes

Exploring the dining room

Books! McKenna loves turning the pages in her books

Talking: Mama Dada NumNum BaBa along with many other grunts and funny noises


The baby swing at the playground

YoGabbaGabba’s “I like to dance” song/video

And finally, while she looks so much like her Daddy, I see a little of me in the last one!


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