Swimming time!

23 Jun

Today McKenna refused a morning nap … again! 3rd time in a week now so I am seeing a pattern and just not ready for it! She rubs her eyes and gets really grumpy, but will not nap! (More on that later.) Of course once we got into the car to get coffee she passed out. Eric and I decided to drive to Redmond so she could nap a bit and then we could find her baby pool. I can’t convince the husband to get a big adult sized pool so we settled for a baby one. If you know me, you know I have wanted a pool my ENTIRE life, so someday I will have one.  Maybe when McKenna is a little older. =)

Pool #1, perfect for if I want to get in too … not so good if I don’t!

We hooked the hose up to the hot water heater and guess what  … warm pool water! I am so glad Eric  figured this out!

The floatie doesn’t really float, but baby girl was entertained for awhile.

And … pool #2, just for McKenna. By the time we set it up, it was too windy to try out but she couldn’t wait!

Also, the pool has another purpose. McKenna pulled herself up onto her knees all by herself! She was trying to stand too, but can’t get there on her own yet. (Thank God).

Hopefully the heat stays around a little while now so we can try it with actual water.


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