Cloth diaper sale

9 Jun is having a great sale right now. Buy 5 get 1 free on the Bum Genius 3.0 one size cloth diapers. These are our absolute favorites! The savings breaks down to about $14.30 per diaper instead of $19.99 which we normally pay at my favorite store Bambini of Bend.
If you’re in the market for more, or looking to make the switch, check them out!
While Eric is a little hesitant, I am LOVING how easy cloth diapering is. It also saves so much money, you’re looking at spending $300 up front instead of $700/year which we were going to average at the rate we were going. Cloth diaper babies also tend to potty train sooner, since they can feel the wetness. Need another reason? Pampers chemical burns which have been all over the press lately. Who wants those chemicals touching their precious babies skin? Not me!
Cloth diapering is totally a personal decision, I just want everyone to know that if I can do it, I think everyone can. It’s easy and with bioliners, very easy to clean up.

I have seen so many Mom’s switching lately that I hope these savings can help them out a little!


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