McKenna’s first big cold

20 May

McKenna is sick … like REALLY sick. She barely smiled today, mostly she sat around with a blank look and attempted to play with a few toys. Mostly just try to eat them. It’s heartbreaking and other than the normal steam shower, nose drops/sucking, humidifier type comforts I can’t do much else for her. The doctor said not to give Benedryl and that it had to run it’s course.

Tonight she woke up screaming 20 minutes after going to bed. The screaming and crying continued for at least 30 minutes before I put her in the car and drove around. It worked, she fell asleep and when we got home I was able to rock her and put her down for the night. Eric bought a little Vicks machine that puts a vapor rub like scent into her room, I hope it works. He read everything and swears it’s safe which was my main concern.
We woke up at 6am today so I’m beat. On days like this I wish I had more help. I can’t wait for Eric to get home from work so I can take a breather but he took a nap. It bothers me, but we all need our breaks so I try to give them to him. Nevermind that for 7 3/4 months I have woken up with her at least once a night if not more .. and then in the morning too. On days like today, yikes.
While all of that can be hard on certain days, I love it. I love her. I’m so glad that I don’t have to miss one second of anything. Being able to stay home with her, build the bond we have, I wouldn’t change a thing. Lately I feel like my heart will just explode if I loved her more … she’s so amazing and we are so lucky to have her as our daughter. I’m counting my blessings more and more lately.
On that note, now that homework is done I’m off to bed. I would post pictures but really sick baby pic’s just are too heart-breaking.


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