Mothers Day

11 May

I had a wonderful Mothers Day weekend with my Mom, her husband, my brother, and his girlfriend. We celebrated my Mom’s Birthday by playing the Beatles Rockband and going out for Thai food. McKenna had other ideas about dinner so as everyone enjoyed themselves and the great food, I got to wrestle with a flip flopping, arching, screaming baby. Note to self: take out is good … dining out is bad.
Who would have known, but my Mom must have been a guitarist in another life. She rocked the Rockband and I’m glad my brother brought it. I wish we had pictures … good thing he should. I see a photo book in the future.
Mothers Day Eric worked, of course, but I had a seriously delish brunch made by my brothers girlfriend. Alicia thought of everthing … including the biggest bowl of whipped cream one could dream of. Yum! We spent the morning relaxing and watching McKenna play. She’s so close to crawling, it makes for a fun time.
At the end of the day, Eric gave me some flowers and a new toy for McKenna. Apparently she thought I might not want it so she could then have it. Not exactly what I had pictured, but she was very excited for it!
My family made what would have been just any other day really great. I really am blessed to have them in my life.
To me, Mothers Day will always belong to my Mom. I hope to have the strength, love, wisdom and grace that she shows and pass a little of it down to my sweet baby girl.


One Response to “Mothers Day”

  1. Alissa May 16, 2010 at 7:03 pm #

    Glad to hear your first mothers day was wonderful! Your DD is adorable.

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