More fun and laughing

15 Apr

We’ve been very busy lately. Having fun! Now that McKenna is feeling better and her teeth aren’t bugging her she sure is funny and laughing more often. I have tons of cute videos from the last few days.

Danny and Carrie visited for the weekend and McKenna loved Carrie! It didn’t take her too long to warm up either.

Lets see … the last few days McKenna has been up on her knees twice desperately trying to crawl. She has realized that rolling over and over gets her to where she wants to go. She gets trapped under the sofa or ottoman and can’t go any further … then shrieks. We’re trying out the sippy cup but she doesn’t get much out of it yet. She also seems to love peas which is very good news because green beans didn’t turn out well at all. We introduced her to “puffs” and have a cute (long) video. She gets the cutest/funniest look when she swallows it like woah what was that! Then kicks her legs and goes for more. She is more interested in playing with them … which is actually why we gave them to her. All in hopes of mastering the “pincher” grasp. She’s pretty good at it but when she gets frustrated you can really tell. Things McKenna eats now: squash, sweet potato, peaches, pears, carrots, banana, prunes, peas and oatmeal.

We also tried to get 6 month pictures taken. Since we have the super saver card the session is free, so it’s always worth a try. We didn’t get many great pictures but even if she’s not smiling, she’s adorable. I’m considering getting a Nikon DSLR, but don’t want to spend the money. Probably by summer when the weather is good and we can get some great pictures of her outside … much better than studio pictures. =)


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