7 Apr

Today was McKenna’s 6 month (and 2 week) appointment. She is 16 lbs 5 oz and 26 1/4 inches. 60th & 70th percentiles. Eric’s height and my hair color. YAY! The doctor recommended we keep her on the Alimentum (darnit!) but also introduce a lot more foods 3 times a day now. He even said to give her guacamole. Yikes!

She has been doing a lot of sudden screaming or crying lately so I couldn’t wait for todays appointment. The doctor was able to rule out her teeth since they are all the way in and no ear infection. Thank goodness! He is thinking it’s her tummy so we are to give her a little juice. You can imagine my surprise when 30 minutes after some apple/prune juice this happened:

(Opps video didn’t work right … uploading it now.)

Getting McKenna to laugh is a big ordeal, so when she started laughing out of nowhere I was SHOCKED!


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