14 Mar

Today has been an exciting day. McKenna has been tripoding on her own, although I am still scared to let her so it’s fairly short lived! After the 3rd time today I realized she really is doing it. My baby is growing up too fast!
McKenna also ate an entire serving of pears (split into 2 different times) and could’ve kept going if I would have let her. Usually she gets 1-2 tablespoons at the most. This was 2 1/2 oz. Her mouth stays open almost the entire time wanting more and more. It’s really kind of cute.
And finally, I can feel and see her teeth bumps coming up! A few days ago her gums felt inflamed but today seemed better. The last 3 days she won’t let me pry her mouth open at all which is quite a change. Usually I put a finger anywhere near her mouth and she’s lunging to get it. After a rough day yesterday she decided at 6pm it was bedtime so we rushed though a bath and put her to bed. 6:30pm is 1 hour earlier than normal but other than her 3am quick feeding, she slept until 8:15 am! I guess she was just worn out. =)

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