My superwoman moments…

23 Feb

Tonight I fed and rocked McKenna, layed her in her crib, kissed her goodnight and watched her close her eyes and drift off to sleep. I still can’t get over how easy she falls asleep now and look forward to rocking her each night. We have lots of special Mommy and McKenna time, but this is about the best. The doctor joked about rocking her until she was in college, but you know … I am probably going to miss this big time when that day comes. I am enjoying it and cherishing it, ever single moment.
More proof of the teething today, we suddenly have a little red rash from drool. Buckets of drool. The poor baby girl was beside herself so many times today when she would be needing something .. anything to chew on. The ear piercing screams she would let out on occasion would rattle your ear drums. I found the one thing that calmed her down was to just hold her, rock her, and let her chew on my finger while I give her teething tablets. The wide eyed look as she does this would melt your heart. I just know she’s looking up at me trying to find some comfort.
I’m finding my proudest “I am Mom” moments to be when I can pick her up and instantly comfort her. It definitely makes me feel like Superwoman.


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