22 Feb

McKenna LOVES pears! This is her second food now and she kicks like crazy when the spoon starts to come at her. Half the time she knows to open her mouth, the other half she just sits and waits for me to try to put the spoon in her mouth, then opens. She’s catching on. =)

She is also scooting on her back in a circle. She puts her feet on the floor, lifts her back side up in the air, then rotates. Over and over until she gets where she wants to go.

McKenna is also teething big time. Buckets and buckets of drool are constantly pouring out of her mouth so much that we are changing outfits at least twice a day. She also has taken to her Sophie teether like crazy. Of course she likes anything she can get into her mouth, but washcloths and Sophie are big hits! If nothing is around she has learned to grab my hand and shove it in there haha. I wonder how far off the teeth will be … I know it can be months, hopefully not though.

Tonight when Eric got home from work, we all 3 layed on her blanket in the living room and played. I then realized it was 6pm, she was happy playing, we didn’t have a meltdown, and we were all together. Doesn’t happen often and it was proof that she is becoming happier and better rested thanks to longer naps and the colic is definitely gone. Over the last weeks I have started to really love being a SAHM. It can be hard, but not nearly as hard as the first few months. Things are definitely looking up!
Now that I say that, she will probably try to change things up on me. 😉


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