A Valentines Day nap

14 Feb

I just ran upstairs to check on McKenna napping, and couldn’t resist this sweet picture.
Apparently she has decided sleeping on her side is better. I think she is getting into this position since it is how she lays when I hold her for naps or when trying to get her to sleep. The first few times I saw this it was a bit scary but as long as she’s not on her tummy, and since she can roll I think she’s ok. =)
So peaceful


One Response to “A Valentines Day nap”

  1. tiffanyadam February 14, 2010 at 8:35 pm #

    So sweet!! Sophia did the same thing – my DR said it was just fine, most babies tend to prefer tummy or side when they start rolling. I still tend to check on her quite a bit – but who can resist when they are that cute?!?! SO sweet – I love her outfit!

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