28 Jan

Hey people … I have places to go you know! Now if only my arms and legs would start working together so I could move more.

Drooling as always …. you would think she just rode a cyclo-cross race or something. 😉

Video taken at the end of playtime. She was a little frustrated with not being able to get where she wanted to go. I love the little screams that are powering her through haha!

Today was a good day, better than yesterday for sure. Yesterday I was drowning in stress over school, money, time and a crying baby. I realized being a Mom would be hard, I just didn’t expect the crying to grind on my last few nerves at times. We went through 1 entire hour of crying before she would nap for get this .. 30 minutes. Overtired, she wasn’t able to fall asleep until I gave her a bottle as a last resort. I knew she wasn’t hungry but sometimes she has such a strong desire to suck and refuses a pacifier so the bottle is the only thing that works. She gulped down 1 oz and was out cold. We have tried every trick out there for naps, sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t. Everyday is different.

Today Eric took McKenna while I was at the dentist and they did great. She even took a nap for a couple hours which she woke up from happy! I finally was able to read some of “The No-Cry Nap Solution” book I picked up. Guess what … I tried one of the techniques at bedtime and it WORKED! I was able to put McKenna in her crib drowsy but awake, then gently bounced my hand on the mattress to vibrate it and she fell asleep in about 4 minutes. This is huge. If we can do this, she will start to learn that crib = sleepy time. Not needing me to rock her to sleep is a very important part of growing for her.

It’s amazing all of the things she learns and how quickly it happens. She loves to copy us, like when Eric moves his hand on the ground to feel it, she will do the same. Now that McKenna can roll over she has also decided tummy time is just fine! Tonight she was working hard at moving her legs and arms, she looks like she wants to crawl! I know it will take time but just seeing these beginning phases of it are amazing.


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