Today’s outing

26 Jan
In honor of McKenna’s 4 month-day and growing out of her 0-3 onsies in length, we took a trip to the Carters Outlet. I’ve been avoiding that place because I always spend too much and lets face it, this girl has a ton of clothes. I’m stocking up on 12 month size leggings because when I find a pair for $2 at the GAP, I must buy them!

So back to Carters, the big point of the trip though was when I realized that I just can’t wait for spring/summer. All of the super cute baby girl summer outfits, hats, gingham and swimsuits had me dreaming of warm days. I stuck with the plan of just a couple 6 month long sleeve onsies but had to splurge on a cute little pink summer hat … and yes it’s still January. Then realizing OMG the cute spring stuff is already coming out, I headed to to scope things out. I die! Cutest.stuff.ever, but we will wait and see what she needs when we get to that point. I am going to order her swimsuit there and can’t wait! I am glad we don’t have a Gymboree here because I would be broke. I guess I should thank HSBC for the generous severance plan that has furnished my baby girls bedroom, closet, toybox, etc. Of course half of the stuff is useless, like the gorgeous crib set with bumper that I had to remove today. I put in the breathable bumper to reduce the risk of SIDS, which is good of course but also so sad to see the pretty flowered bumper go. I have decided that crib sets are really for before the baby because once the baby comes all you need is a sheet, breathable bumper, and skirt. I was warned, but being a first time Mom I wanted everything picture perfect .. which it was until she arrived!
McKenna all ready for a shopping trip to Carters.


One Response to “Today’s outing”

  1. tiffanyadam January 26, 2010 at 4:53 am #

    SO very cute! I know what you mean about buying for baby! I have a incredible weakness for Baby GAP and Janie and Jack!! Ebay is my best friend, I buy stuff brand new with tags still attached for 1/2 the price! She’s absolutely beautiful Christina!!

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