A room all to herself

20 Jan

I didn’t plan this, I thought the day was far off still but now it has come and gone. Last night McKenna slept unswaddled in her crib in her own room. I’ll add that she also only woke up once unlike the 2-3 times she was waking this last week. So it was a smooth transition but I miss having her in our room nearby. Naptime is a whole different story…she isn’t doing well unswaddled for that yet. Today I tried to put her in her crib for a nap and all she wanted to do was roll right on over to her tummy. After placing her on her back 2 more times I gave up, on that and the nap. We went for a drive instead.
Eric and I are excited to have found a great house to rent for almost the same that we pay here each month. Crossing our fingers, we should know this week if we get it or not. It’s a newer 2 level with 3 bedrooms, an office/den, beautiful back yard perfect for playing in the summer, and an ice maker in the fridge door (Eric is excited about that part). The neighborhood is great and there is a school and park nearby. I am already envisioning taking the stroller out for walks with McKenna in the spring, a kiddie pool in the back yard and BBQ’s with the neighbors in the summer.
I still am not finding time to study much at all for my classes, but then again I just wasted half an hour typing this that I could have been doing that!


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