This is how Daddy gets McKenna to sleep…

15 Jan

We bought McKenna a Wabbanub yesterday because they are just way too cute. A little froggy that is attached to a soothie pacifier that is easy for babies to hold onto. McKenna might take her paci for a minute a few times per week but that’s it. She is far more interested in her thumb. Still, I had to have one because you never know it might just do the trick for bedtime/naptime. Well it worked alright, she fell asleep in her swing while chomping on the frogs leg. She thinks the frog is great and chews on the paci, but will not suck on it. :sigh: I know this is good, but when she is crying and can’t calm herself I wish she would take it. I am wondering if the refusal has something to do with us not introducing it in the beginning.

Nap time is getting better and I just love that she is finally sleeping in her crib for them! It will make the transition from her bassinet to the crib at night smoother when that time comes. For now I admit that I would like our room back, but I love having her close enough to where I can just sit up and peek into her bassinet. I finally finished the wall letters for her room today. After many attemps and a few re-do’s, they are done and I just love her room. Hopefully she does as well!


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