Working hard at rolling

10 Jan

McKenna has been suddenly trying to roll from back to belly the last couple of days. She can do belly to back but has now stopped that and is onto learning new things. I read somewhere that while learning new things such as rolling, babies might not sleep as well because they practice in their sleep. I completely believe it after last night. I kept waking up to McKenna making noises and moving around kicking which then also wakes her up. Video from yesterday!

I really need to learn how to adjust to days after no sleep. My sleep deprived breaking point came when she was screaming her head off at the bottle for the 2nd time today. I tried walking with her, making goofy faces, all of the normal little things when I finally laid her down on her blanket and started to tear up. I didn’t know why she wasn’t eating today and was worried. Well right when I laid her down and cried, she gave me the biggest smile ever…a few times. Lesson learned, she got her freedom to play and I tried to put the rough day behind us. Sleep schedule is off, eating schedule is off, but thank goodness she’s happy!
Thanks for cheering Mama up McKenna!


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