McKenna- 1 Daddy- 0

8 Jan
Last night was my first night back in class. It’s only 1 night per week for 3 hours, so Eric is watching McKenna during that time. Now, I realize this is during the part of the evening that she likes to get fussy if she is going to so I have given him a run down of what to do to prevent a meltdown. Big fail. Baby girl wants her Mama and no-one else will do. I got a text an hour into class that she was now sleeping after crying for 40 minutes. Poor baby and poor Eric, I felt bad for them but glad that it was done with and under control.

Opps, guess not.

The teacher ended class an hour early so I called on my way home but had no answer. I opened the door to find Eric in the bathroom with the hairdryer on trying to calm a very red eyed baby. Almost 2 hours of crying/screaming but she was now done. I couldn’t give her enough kisses and hugs. I feel like the worst Mom ever for not being here to take care of her, but I know that I can’t always be here too. Eric looked like he had been through a battle and back! I remember the many nights he was at work and I would be ready to rip my hair out from the screaming … which is how I was able to finally find what works for her and I. It took a long time though. I’m actually glad those memories are starting to fade because it was hard!

I know they will find their groove and what works for them, hopefully next week will go better. At least now Eric has taken back his somewhat joking of an idea of staying home with the kids while I go to work, ha!

Onto today …

McKenna has been napping for 2 hours now in her carseat. We ran to the store for diapers and headed back home for a 2:00 bottle. Apparently a nap was more important because she slept through it and kept going. Finally I realized she wasn’t waking up anytime soon and started picking up the house. I was waiting for her big late afternoon/evening nap so I could do homework but it looks like I should have done it now since she is running into that time. She really needed a good solid nap so I don’t dare move her, I just wish I could have planned better.

She is so sweet I just want to scoop her up and hold her. Of course I know better to not wake a sleeping baby.


One Response to “McKenna- 1 Daddy- 0”

  1. tiffanyadam January 10, 2010 at 1:42 am #

    Ugh! Isn’t that heartbreaking??!! Its the hardest thing not to want to step in when Sophia is screaming and doing her “mom” cry while Adam is trying to get her to sleep. It will get better, especially when she figures out it is a constant and not just a random thing. Good luck, you’re a very good mommy and she knows that!!

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