A year in pictures

1 Jan

Last year I had 4 resolutions. They were …

#1- Continue the South Beach Diet (I failed, but then again it is because of #2.)
#2- Get pregnant/have baby …. check
#3- Take a minimum of 2 classes each term … check
#4- Be a great wife to my new husband … check (although sometimes pregnancy hormones may have made this a bit difficult.) 😉
Last year was wonderful, here are the highlights by month:
January – Moving into our new place, taken the day before we found out I was pregnant.

And then the next day, finding out we were pregnant!

February – I actually thought I was showing … ha I was sure in for a surprise.
March –
April –
May –

June –

Happy 1 year Wedding Anniversary!

July –

August – I was huge and finally “done” being pregnant.

September – McKenna Grace arrives!
October – She didn’t want to be dressed up for Halloween but I was able to get part of her costume on.

November –

December -Merry Christmas McKenna! 3 months old she is growing so fast.
And now for next years resolutions ….
#1 – To get rid of the weight I gained during pregnancy. Yes, this will probably take ALL year! I still have 40 lbs to go. Looks like those Blizzard cravings did indeed catch up with me. Good thing I haven’t wanted one since having baby girl because I need all the help I can get.
#2 – Be the best Mom that I can be. So broad yes, but part of this would be, keeping up with well baby visits, researching so I am not blindly following the Pedi. I want to be informed!
#3 – Make time for just Eric and I so we don’t loose “us” during all of the little stressors that seem to come up with a newborn.
#4 – Show my friends and family how much they mean to me. Last year a small way I tried to do this was by writing Thank You cards, something I was terrible of in the past. I know it’s small but it matters. This year, I will reach out more instead of waiting for others to reach out to me.
#5 – Continue with classes so I can have my degree eventually. McKenna needs to know that education is important and see her parents constantly learning.


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