It snowed today!

30 Dec

We sat next to the window with McKenna so she could watch the snowflakes fall and I think she liked it! She watched with a little bit of awe everything going on outside. Such a big world. It was very cute.

McKenna went to bed at 8pm tonight and I decided we needed to clean and organize with our very limited free time. Here I am 3 hours later and haven’t even touched McKenna’s room yet! Her laundry took almost an hour to fold. This is only 1 weeks worth along with more outfits she received for Christmas that needed to be washed. I really hope someone has a girl so we can give them some of the many outfits never worn (or worn once!)

Another very exciting moment today. McKenna kept reaching for her “Sophie” teething toy, slowly opened her hand and grabbed it. Amazing. She has been working on this a lot the last week, but tonight everything was very deliberate. She loves to watch my hands when I hold the bottle or do something with a toy and then copy it. I’m just amazed at how quickly she goes from one stage to the next. I have a great video but am having issues uploading right now. I hope to get it on here tomorrow.


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