Just like Daddy, she loves watching football

29 Dec
Last night we started “operation de-swaddle” with McKenna. One arm out, she slept from 10pm-5am. Not quite as long as normal but still not bad at all! After reading posts about babies rolling over while being swaddled at 5 months, I decided we needed to tackle this before it got to that point. She sleeps so well swaddled, I am convinced it is part of the reason she has been able to sleep though the night since she was only 8 weeks old. I hope tonight goes as well as last. Our little girl is growing up so fast!

McKenna at 1 day old McKenna 13 weeks old

We also have a tv watcher. Baby girl has decided she likes to look at the television, and really it’s so big with such bright colors and moving objects of course she would want to watch! I keep it off during the day for the most part but tonight as Eric was watching football I gave in after she kept turning her head all sorts of ways to try to see. She got to watch for 2-3 minutes and was captivated. I’m against letting her watch TV since it isn’t recommended for the first 2 years. I guess there will be times when she wants to see it if we are watching something. If I had Eric move it to the other room, we would never see him! =)

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