30 weeks today!

20 Jul

Today I am 30 weeks, things are going well with the baby and pregnancy. She was measuring 30 weeks at my last appointment, so only about 4 days off. We are already at the bi-weekly appointment mark now which is great. Hearing the heartbeat is a lot of fun. I’m having braxon-hicks contractions, but that is to be expected and as long as I stop what I’m doing to sit and drink water the doctor isn’t concerned so neither am I!

Squishy has been stretching out more, I feel her kicks up much higher than normal and stronger too.

Yesterday was our Hamaker family baby shower. We have one more still with my family and friends combined in only 3 weeks. We received a ton of washclothes, hooded towels, and some cute outfits along with 2 bouncers! When it comes to bath time, we are set…she will be one clean baby everyone kept saying. I feel really unprepared, but we still have 10 weeks to get ready so I am confident this feeling will change soon enough.

Yesterday was the close of a very busy week. Eric and I spent a couple days tent camping with friends. It was beyond fun! The weather was HOT so we did a lot of floating in the water and hanging out at the beach. Squishy’s first camping trip was a success! We also cleaned out our house in Gresham. The renters had trashed it so we did what we could to clean it out. It was sad knowing we might not be going back there, but it was also good. We’ve made our home together since being married and couldn’t be happier. Bend is definitely the best choice we’ve made yet. =)

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