Our family is growing…

9 May

And so is my stomach….
Eric and I are excited to have found out we are expecting a little girl! Halfway there, I am 20 weeks and thankfully out of the first trimester and well into the second. We are creating this blog to keep friends and family updated on all of the adventures of our little one.

Today Eric and I picked up our nursery furniture, our very first big purchase. We don’t plan on doing a lot with the nursery in the next couple months because we are considering moving next month. While we like our two level townhouse, having the bedroom on a different level than the babies has us worried and looking at the 1 level style. I can’t wait to start decorating and will share the progress as we get there. Baby squishy as we call her, is the size of a mango, length of a banana and while I’m not feeling a lot of movement, the ultrasound showed she is quite the active little girl already! Weighing in at about 9 oz, she has a lot more growing to do.


2 Responses to “Our family is growing…”

  1. Jason May 9, 2009 at 3:22 am #

    Great idea about the blog, but baby squishy? I thought I had already explained that one. Anyway we look forward to reading about the squishy mango/banana getting….well ripe I guess.
    -Jason & Alicia

  2. Stefanie May 11, 2009 at 10:36 pm #

    Wow! I love the furniture. This is a great idea, since you two are so busy and we don’t get to talk or se each other that much. Now I can just pop in and see whats new!

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